Unique Approach

DNA Logix combines the brightest scientists with leading bioengineers for a completely innovative approach: the company is the first to truly exploit biophysical models and statistical bioinformatics to engineer novel molecular diagnostic technologies. Platform technologies and individual tests are each tailored to the needs of the global health community.


Specific innovations using mathematical algorithms developed by DNA Logix include:

  • Rapid Probes, the fifth generation of real-time PCR technology, with reaction times even faster than Tentacle Probes
  • Hot Sta-RT, the first hot start to reduce false positives and false negatives in RNA reactions
  • Adaptivex Primer technology, which allows primers to literally jump over nonconserved regions
  • Rapid Detex Primers, a highly sensitive probeless detection method
  • Proprietary Statistical Bioinformatics, a system of algorithms that reduces false negatives from rapidly mutating organisms

In addition to the foregoing technologies, the company maintains an aggressive product development and R&D agenda with an emphasis on those technologies that will have the greatest returns to society and the company's investors.